Bookbinding classes

Cours de reliure - cousoir


Want to learn bookbinding?

The bookbinding classes allow you to learn different bookbinding and box making techniques. You’ll discover the different materials and their characteristics, tools, measurement and work method, how to cut and glue, and you’ll manage to complete a full binding during the day. The main objective is to initiate you to the art of bookbinding, and to make sure you’ll be able to re-do it, at home. Beginners are welcome, you just have to appreciate working precisely. +16yo.


Each technique is taught during a full-day course (10am - 5pm) . In the studio, classes take place around a large table. Each class is limited to 4 students, to ensure a personalized follow-up for everyone. Each step is demonstrated, then you are guided through it. All equipment and tools are provided. A kitchen is at your disposal for the lunch break, coffee and tea are included, and fun is guaranteed !

Cours de reliure